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What is a werevamp ?


A werevamp is a creature from fiction which is said to be a cross between a werewolf and a vampire. In the mainly fictional tales where a werewolf bites a vampire a werevamp is the result and has the traits of both. It has the abilities of both and usually is considered to be able to go out in daylight and so have the strengths of both and not the weaknesses.


What is Werevamp media?


Werevamp media Ltd is a company which produces products in the media but in more than one area. Watch Werevamp Media streaming TV: streaming 24 hours, watch paranormal shows and horror films etc... you can even embed it to your website if you wish. Werevamp media produces books and is a publisher, but also ebooks, CD's  DVD'S and is better suited to function in the diverse media environment in which we function. Even if you are an author or are just interested in a book nothing exists in isolation. But if Werevamp media doesn't have the book or product you want, tell us and if there is sufficient demand we will produce it and contact you telling you it is available.

Our authors and people


Werevamp media is lucky to have access to great people in the areas of writing, audio and filming but is always looking to connect with people and companies in these areas. We have books wrote by S Rob, Mathew Monro, Simon Robson, Sheridan le Fanu, Arthur Conan Doyle, editor/writer Professor Werevamp and some great film people and the range of books and films is ever expanding.


Werevamp media can be contacted at

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